Welcome to the project Mindfulness in Teacher Education and Schools.


Mindfulness has become one of the key drivers of pedagogical innovation in the last decade. Recent research provides increasing evidence that mindfulness- and compassion-based approaches in education can have a broad range of positive effects on students, teachers, and school communities. The practice of mindfulness has been shown to improve physical and mental health, attention and emotion regulation, to promote academic and social-emotional learning, and to support school development processes. 

Yet we still know very little about the integration of mindfulness into teacher education. Hence this is the focus of our project: We develop and research concepts for the implementation of mindfulness into the training of student teachers at university level (pre-service teacher education) and into the training of teachers on the job (in-service teacher education).


Our project activities address:

  • Bringing mindfulness into schools – our project Presence, Awareness, and Self-Compassion (PAS)
  • Researching the impact of mindfulness on pre-service teacher education
  • Researching good practices of mindfulness in in-service teacher training
  • The event Symposium on Mindfulness in Education twice a year
  • Managing the Austrian Network on Mindfulness in Education (NAP) and its meetings (called Jours fixes)
  • Managing the European Mindfulness Network (EMN)
  • Giving seminars on mindfulness in pre-service teacher education at the University of Vienna
  • Building up a library on mindfulness in education at the University of Vienna
  • Offering guided meditations every other week (called Just now)


Additional resources:

  • Brief information on mindfulness and compassion
  • Overview on mindfulness in education
  • Overview on the effects of mindfulness-based interventions in schools
  • Videos from our project