Research Project Mindfulness in Advanced Teacher Training

The research project Mindfulness in Advanced Teacher Training investigates the development, the structure and the effectiveness of advanced teacher training concepts focussing on mindfulness for teachers in service. 


Structure of the research design:

  1. The first step comprises the determination of quality criteria, which trainings in this sector should be oriented by, means by which their effectiveness can be measured and conditions that influence the success of these trainings. These criteria are established on the basis of already existing, international advanced teacher training programs and the accompanying literature.
  2. In a second step, an integrative concept of advanced teacher training is developed and empirically tested, taking the current state of research and practice concepts as a starting point. In this step, the evaluation of the project PAS – Presence, Awareness and Self-Compassion in Schools, which is part of the project ALBUS, plays a central role.
  3. By including leading international advanced teacher training programs as the basis for an integrative concept, an internationally applicable teacher training program will be developed and discussed.


Further information on the research project will be available here shortly.