The project Presence, Awareness and Self-Compassion in Schools (PAS) was founded in the spring of 2018 and piloted in schools. Since then, new schools are embarking on their journey towards a pedagogy of mindfulness every year. Starting from fall 2021, PAS is offered for open, heterogenous groups of individuals from different educational fields as well – PASo and PAScreative.


This video provides insight into our participants’ reflections and responses to PAS phase I and their first step on the way towards pedagogy with awareness and self-compassion in schools: 

What our participants say:

“What I appreciate about PAS is that, in the midst of my familiar working environment,  I can cultivate a mindful perspective - not only for myself, but for my students as well - and  I am repeatedly reminded of it through the regular workshops…”

“The project PAS has the potential to sustainably influence the way schools work in a positive way, because it focuses on the personal, inner attitude of the teacher, and their ability to manage their inner state instead of tackling external parameters.”