Presence, Awareness and Self-Compassion in Schools (PAS)


The Project PAS  develops and investigates concepts of teacher training based on mindfulness and compassion, targeted at all school types. Our project started in 2018 with a group of pilot schools in and around Vienna. Now these and further schools proceed with us towards implementing mindfulness into day to day school life, aiming at becoming a Mindful School.


We offer advanced teacher trainings of various formats including:

  • Teacher trainings for the staff of single schools (in-house and at the University of Vienna)
  • Comprehensive teacher trainings for groups of teachers of various schools
  • Individually arranged events


Our core offer is a programme of 6 workshops for teachers focused on mindfulness and mindful self-compassion. In addition, we offer workshops for head masters, presentations at parent-teacher conferences, and advanced trainings on the didactics of mindfulness in schools (PAS Step 1).

Our advanced teacher trainings are taylored to meet specific needs of our partner schools and are continuously optimized as we keep gaining practical insights through our work in schools (PAS Step 2 and 3).



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The project Presence Awareness, and Self-Compassion works in cooperation with the Education Department of Vienna (Bildungsdirektion Wien).